Yendi’s Abudu Family Roots for Mahama

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It has emerged that some leaders of the Abudu family of the Dagbon Chieftaincy divide are extremely angry with the opposition NPP for keeping the royal family under what they called perpetual deprivation and state of confusion as they fall for president John Mahama.

“Even when the NPP was in power the family benefited nothing. For political expediency, the NPP kept stroking fire of division between Abudus and Andani cousins”, a royal member has said.

“We are regretting this single action of openly supporting the NPP. The leadership of the NPP party is heartless”, he added.

Recently, president John Mahama donated a brand new Toyota Fortuner V8 vehicle to the regent of the Abudu Royal Gate of Dagbon Chieftaincy, Bolin Lana Mahamadu Abdulai. This, the Abudus think represents the highest recognition of the family in the last 15 years.

The family subsequently issued a statement thanking the president for his kind gesture. The president’s action did not only trigger discussion among Abudu royal family about his humility but it was attracting the family’s support and sympathy.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Republic Newspaper in Tamale, a top member of the Abudu royal family told the Republic that, the family was attracted to president John Mahama and his NDC party because he has demonstrated that he was a matured, humble, peace-loving and result oriented leader.

“Ghanaians must support president Mahama and his government to lead this nation to a glorious destination. If the economy of the nation is good everybody will be happy”

“A family member recently travelled from Sawla to Yendi and gave an impressive account about massive development infrastructure the president undertook in that area. The same thing will happy in the Eastern Corridor project which Yendi is a potential beneficiary”, he was quoted as saying.

“Some of Abudus elders and young people alike have already fallen for the president and would vote for him massively come December 7”, he added.

The Abudu family member said, the family was tired of deceit, disrespect and disregard the NPP leadership have shown them so far with regrets.

“The elders are urging our young people to split and join various political parties so that anyone that wins, the family stands the chance to benefit”, he said.

According to the Abudu man, heaven knows when the party would win the elections and that the electoral fortune for Nana Addo come December 7 does not look too good.

“One thing about the NPP is that they think they are the most educated in the country. See arrogance, disrespect and impunity in which member act?

“When the president visited Yendi recently, a larger number of the people that came out to meet with were Abudu youth. We have learned a lesson from this and will not repeat that mistake”, he said.

He chastised Dr Bawumia’ comments that derogatorily targeted chiefs including Bolin Lana who benefited from the president’s vehicles donated to chiefs. “The NPP donated vehicles to some chiefs down south during Kufour’s regime. How about that?

It could be membered that Dr Bawumia’s recent lecture about the economy of Ghana said one dam policy was better than one chief one car policy of ruling NDC.

“The chiefs are angry with the party already. If the chiefs were not important to the NPP, why was Ashanti hene asked by the government to mediate the Yendi chieftaincy dispute? I am ashamed of myself to have supported this party”, he said.

The Abudu royal urged Ghanaian to ignore Nana Addo and the NPP come December 7. “If they (the NPP) still think they have 100% Abudus support they may be dreaming”, he said. He said the NDC party was gaining grounds in all Abudu settlements both and around Yendi.

Nana Addo since taken the leadership of the NPP has been presiding over a divided party and act many people say does not put Nana Addo in a better position to lead this nation.

Source: The Republic Newspaper | Npong Balikawu Francis